Social Networking: Social Media is quickly becoming the most effective way to get your name and services in front of the masses. It is changing the way companies interact with customers, enabling them to connect with prospects and in very meaningful ways. Communications are becoming more targeted as companies can now expand market coverage and create the opportunity to interact directly with the people who purchase their products. We can help you include social networking into your marketing plans as a way to gain an advantage over your competitors. We have a network of people who can raise your visibility on search engines through organic keyword and URL postings on key social media sites. We can also effectively place you in front of thousands of people on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and many more.

   Blogging: If you do not have a company blog, or have one but do not keep it up-to-date with fresh content, you are missing the boat in this social media environment that has consumed the business world as we know it. We can maintain your blog on a daily or weekly basis to keep your message in front of your clients and prospects while positioning you as a constant expert in your industry.

   Writing: We will effectively formulate and express your message by developing press releases, fact sheets, bios, news announcements, corporate and personal backgrounders, feature stories, expert columns, source letters, advertorials, newsletters, media pitches and speeches.

   Media List Building: One of the most challenging tasks to media outreach is making sure to contact the "right people" in the media. We have a proven track record at building quality media lists to target the writers, editors, and producers who will be interested in your company.

   Media Relations: Relationship building is one of our main strengths, not only with the community but especially with the media. There is no greater value to a company than to be featured in the print, broadcast or online media as an expert in their field by a well respected journalist with a national, regional, local, or industry-trade media organization. The key to making that happen is through solid relationships with key members of the press. We take the time to get to know the journalists who write on topics that affect your industry and create relationships with them to help get you in the door for interviews, industry trend stories and exclusive features.

   Press Kit Compilation: Members of the media appreciate having all the information they need at their fingertips and we make sure that happens. We will compile effective media kits for your company that can be distributed to journalists on a constant basis to keep you on the top of their minds.

  Community Relations: A large part of PR is having a presence in the community as well as in publications. We will work with you to create a community outreach strategic plan by finding the right community events to sponsor or simply attend for networking purposes. In addition, we will help you identify the community organizations that will be most beneficial for you to create lasting partnerships from the onset.